“International Media will really benefit from the images captured of John Key and Hobbiton. Thank you.” – Tourism New Zealand. Manager.

“Thanks so much for your fantastic photos and help on the night. It was great working with you.” – WWF Earth Hour. Manager.

“Stunning behind the scenes photos captured at TEDx by the awesome Paul Petch.” – Jimi Hunt. TEDx Speaker.

“Thanks so much for being so easy to work with and turning around such great work.” – Daile. Subaru.

“It was great working with you yesterday to capture the right shots for our new website. Although it wasn’t easy being in front of the camera, you were great!” – Shelley. KCL Engineering.

“We work well together because I trust Paul 100%. He captures a side of me that others miss.” – Anna Frost. Salomon Global Athlete.

“Reader response to the article has been great and your images look spectacular on the page.” – Adrian Hatwell. D-Photo Mag. Editor.

“Great photos of the wedding and you were a fantastic laid back photographer.” – Jenny. Family of the Bride.

“The obscenely talented, ebulliently positive and charming Paul Petch is producing our first music vid this weekend! I’m very happy about this!” – David. Media Works Radio. Singer & Song Writer.

“Wow you have some amazing images of Matt, incredible how you often manage to tell a whole story in a single image – what a skill.” – Vicki. Kiwi Trail Runner.

“I was looking for some stylish images for my new website. Paul’s ideas, guidance and expert photos gave me a great result. Thanks Paul!” – Rob Bialostocki.

“I am continually amazed by Paul’s ability. Working with Paul was a pleasure and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a top class photographer.” – James Kuegler. Coach.

“Seeing a picture of myself and getting goosebumps might sound ridiculous, but that’s exactly what happened when I saw one of Paul’s photos and knew instantly what I was saying in the moment – he had captured how I actually felt.” – Lillian Grace. TEDx Speaker.

“Your TEDx galleries online are amazing! It makes me so proud for what unfolded!” – Arturo. TEDx Auckland Organiser.

“Our SONG “ENDLESS” is finally mastered by our wonderful friends at Kog Studios!!! The VIDEO by Paul Petch IS OFF THE HOOK! I am SUPER MEGA EXCITED for the launch party!!!!!” – Luna Rioumina. Model, Singer & Writer.

“You don’t realise how many amazing moments you miss at your own events until you have a photographer like Paul following you around for a week.” – Alex Hillman. World Respected People Connector.

“Paul exceeded our expectations with the quality of the photos he took, and the exposure we have received from all over the web and FaceBook – the exposure just keeps on coming!” – Terry. Highland Events. Event Organiser.

“Pauls work was punctual, cost effective and definitely attracted customer’s eyes throughout our Christchurch store. Paul’s eye for design and quality of work should not be overlooked.” – Matt. Bivouac Outdoors Manager.

“I had a meeting today with 62 Models and talent this morning and after seeing your photos they signed me straight away! Thank you!!” – Nela Zisser. Model.

“Man oh man Paul Petch has captured some special moments in the Blue Mountains at the Northface 100 over the weekend. Be prepared to get giddy when you see his pics.” – Sam Gash. Brooks Athlete.

“Paul, from an editorial point of view, your work is fantastic!” – Aaron. Outer Edge Mag. Editor.

“That’s a storyteller with a lens right there. Brilliant photos Paul!” – Chris Ord. Adventure Types.

Paul has been great to work with – prompt, professional and very easy going. All completed with no fuss and an attitude that is music to the ears: “of course I can make that happen – leave it with me”. – Deborah Gray.
Tourism New Zealand.

“Paul, from an editorial point of view, your work is fantastic!” – Aaron. Outer Edge Mag. Editor.